Community Service and Education

East Cape Safaris Education Trust is a new exciting initiative that we will be concentrating our efforts on in order to provide much needed assistance to underprivileged children in our community. South African has a huge problem when it comes to what we see as the most important fundamental right of any human being, EDUCATION.

We believe this initiative to be an everlasting gift that will allow individuals opportunity to one day put back into their communities due to the education we were able to afford them. Blankets and other goods; although important are not ever lasting like a good education!!

Access to education is a fundamental human right whether a child is disadvantaged or disabled we believe they deserve a chance to go to school in order to receive a good education. We believe education can and will turn Africa around, and by supporting our initiative you are making a conscious decision to improve the lives of our Children in South Africa.

Our vision is simple; identifying children in our community in need and with funds available through our Education Trust, educate through schools which provide more than a simple basic education.

Be a donor: By donating to the fund and specific individual you will become part of their education process, six monthly reports on progress and correspondence from the learner themselves. You can adopt a learner in full and be a sole sponsor of their education and follow their progress or donate any amount that will allow the Trust to educate as many learners as possible. Year to year sustainability is important as we cannot simply educate a leaner in a good school for only one or two years, if a learner enters the school of our choice we need to see it our responsibility to take that leaner through to the final stage of the schooling process which is Grade 12.

Many rural learners will need Hostel fees as they are just too far away from the school in order to be a day scholar, so school and hostel fees will have to be looked at in some cases.

Fees guideline using our local Somerset East School:

Gill Primary School Somerset East : Grades 1 to 7

Yearly School fees. R +- 8000 ($800 per year)
Yearly Hostel (Boarding) fees. R +- 15000 ($1500 per year)

Gill College School of Excellence in Somerset East : Grades 8 to 12

Yearly School fees. R +- 9000 ($900 per year)
Yearly Hostel (Boarding) fees. R +- 20000 ($2000 per year)

Clothing & Book fees per year : R +- 4000 ($400 per year)

To become part of this real life changing initiative please contact us through the "Contact Us" page on this website.

We urge you to seriously consider supporting this trust initiative, you will have first hand feedback and your donations will be making a real difference.

East Cape Safaris Education Trust's first recipient

During the 2016 year donations received from Tom and Pam Gardner and Jim Allen was used to fund two girls, Megan and Siya, at Little Saints Pre School, one boy, Daniel Jonck, from Gill Primary School as well a sponsorship for rugby jerseys to one of the local clubs in Somerset East. Funds were also donated to Little Saints Pre School for buying stationary as well as educational supplies needed.

Brendan Sternberg and Grant Abrahamson with the local rugby club

Jim Allen in class with Mandy Beach at Little Saints Pre School

Megan and Siya with Playball Teacher Yolandi Reinhardt

Daniel Jonck